Practical Application of Windows Server 2012 Active Directory

This five-day intensive course provides an assembly of MOC 20410 ("Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012") and MOC 20411 ("Administering Windows Server 2012") courses, targeted to meet the requirements of small business environment (up to 2000 hosts).

A Trainer shares his real-life experience and supplies you with the best practices in configuring and maintaining Active Directory and Windows Server 2012 services. Students will build up and manage full-scaled Active Directory domain, focusing on practical configuration of the most demanded Windows Server 2012 features.

DAY 1: Server Installation Day / Network Configuration Day


  •     Installing Virtual Guests
  •     Managing Virtual Disks
  •     Configuring Virtual Networks
  •     Planning Hypervisor Capacity

Windows Server Installation    

  •     Preparing Hardware
  •     Installing Roles and Features

Configuring Storage    

  •     Understanding Disks and Volumes
  •     Configuring RAID

Understanding Network Services    

  •     Planning IPv4 Address Space
  •     Understanding DNS in Active Directory
  •     Understanding DHCP Services

Configuring Network    

  •     Managing DNS Server role
  •     Configuring DHCP Server role
  •     Troubleshooting IP Connectivity

DAY 2: Active Directory Configuration Day / File Server Day

Active Directory Domains    

  •     Planning AD Structure
  •     Installing AD Controllers
  •     Configuring Remote Administration Tools

Managing AD OU Structure    

  •     Managing User and Computer Accounts
  •     Understanding Group Types
  •     Configuring AD Organizational Units
  •     AD Permission Delegation

File and Print Services    

  •     Authentication and Authorization
  •     Understanding NTFS Permissions
  •     Managing File Shares
  •     Managing Print Server

Advanced File and Print Services    

  •     Configuring NTFS Quota
  •     Configuring Shadow Copies
  •     Implementing DFS services

File Server Resource Manager    

  •     Implementing Folder Quotas
  •     Implementing File Screens
  •     FSRM Reporting

DAY 3: Group Policy Day

Implementing Group Policy    

  •     Managing Local Group Policy
  •     Implementing Domain Policies
  •     Additional GPO Templates
  •     Advanced GPO Processing

Advanced GP Operations    

  •     Managing Software Installation
  •     Managing Printer Connections
  •     Implementing GP Preferences

Managing AD Security    

  •     Configuring Account Policies
  •     Implementing Auditing
  •     Monitoring Event Logs

DAY 4: Server Roles and Features Day

Windows Server Update Services    

  •     Installing and Configuring WSUS role
  •     Configuring Client Computers
  •     Expanding WSUS Capabilities

Windows Deployment Services    

  •     Configuring WDS role
  •     Installing Reference Image
  •     Deploying Windows Images

Certification Authority    

  •     Digital Certificates overview
  •     Installing CA role
  •     Issuing Certificates

Network Policy Server    

  •     Installing and Configuring NPS role
  •     Configuring RADIUS for Wi-Fi clients

Backup and Restore    

  •     Active Directory Recycle Bin
  •     Active Directory Backup and Restore

DAY 5: Security Day

Managing Organizational IT Security    

  •     Security Policies and Compliance
  •     Threat Classification
  •     Unsecure Services and Protocols

Defending from Physical Threats    

  •     Implementing File and Disk Encryption
  •     Securing Removable Storage Access

Application Whitelisting    

  •     Understanding Application Whitelisting
  •     Implementing Software Restriction Policies in a Domain
  •     Troubleshooting Whitelisting Policies

IP Security    

  •     IPSec Fundamentals
  •     Configuring Windows Firewall
  •     Implementing IPSec

Dienu skaits: 5

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  • Norises laiks: 24. februāris, 3.,10.,17.,24. marts (sestdienas), 9:30-17:00.
€ 1200.00 + PVN